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Additional Installation instructions

Please note that the non folding trampoline you have purchased has
three types of springs in order to provide the best possible bounce.
The largest of the three springs are corner springs, and should be
installed 4 per corner as per the installation instructions provided
with your trampoline bed.

The smallest of the three springs (30) are for the ends of the

And the standard HP springs are for the sides of the trampolines.
Please ensure that the springs are installed correctly with hooks
down for safety. Buyer accepts responsibility for the proper
installation of the non folding trampoline.

Warning : Improper installation of the trampoline
frame could result in catastrophic injury paralysis or
even death. Please consult a qualified engineer prior to
mounting the trampoline frame on your pit. Rebound
products warrants that its products are free from
material defects but cannot be held responsible for any
incorrect installation.

If you have any questions please
call (877) 573-2686.