Additional Instructions for String Bed

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Painting Instructions

Print this Page ADDITIONAL PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS Below is some information on maintaining your string beds. For painting keep the bed on the frame under tension. Before painting wash the bed and let i... Learn More »

Additional Installation instructions

Print this Page Additional Installation instructions Please note that the non folding trampoline you have purchased has three types of springs in order to provide the best possible bounce. The largest... Learn More »

Repair Instructions for String Beds

Print this Page Splice in short pieces with knots that are placed to be under the bed. (If two strings are broken you should stagger the knots) Use Bowline Knots to stop slippage. Be careful on Burnin... Learn More »

Installation Instructions for String Beds

 Print this Page Installation Instructions for String Beds 1) Attach the corner-most springs first using corner springs (see step 2), on the ends of the bed, and adjust the border rope so that the kn... Learn More »