Rebound Products Difficulty Wall Contest!

Submit your trampoline video for a chance to win an iPad!

What is the Rebound Products Difficulty Wall?

The Rebound Products Difficulty Wall is the new place to showcase videos of talented Trampolinist. It is inspired by a tradition started by Dave Ross at Skyriders Trampoline Place. All athletes who wanted to showcase their skills have been posting their name and scores on the wall at Skyriders for years. As you can see from the picture on the right. The record thus far at Skyriders is 20.6 held by 2012 Olympic Siver Medallist Jason Burnett. Unlike the unisex Skyrider wall, the Rebound Products wall will accept worldwide entries and the women will have a separate wall from the mens.

Difficulty Wall Requirements:

1. Must be a 10 skill trampoline routine.
2. Men’s 15.6 minimum difficulty routine.
3. Women’s 13.1 minimum difficulty routine.
4. Video must be shot from sideview of trampoline.
5. Deadline to submit: TBA.

How to win the iPad?

All participants who’s video entries meet the minimum difficulty requirements will be entered into a draw to win the iPad. Draw date still to be determined.

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