Rebound 6×12 Folding Trampoline
PRICE Call. Complete. and Frame only.
Rebound 6×12 Folding
Engineered for maximum safety, performance and value.

We our proud to offer the only frame in the world made for powerful beds, as all other 6×12 folding frames have bars that the athlete can hit. We offer this great product in both folding and non-folding versions. The applicable performance upgrades we learned from making 7×14 trampolines are also put into these frames.

Fully equipped for a long flight.

We know that club owners and coaches rely on Rebound trampolines to last forever, while
maintaining the ultimate bounce. So we have developed our own unique line of accessories
that we include with each complete 6×12 folding trampoline.


Rebound Tapered Frame Pads

Most stable and secure frame pad in the world.
Thicker on the frame where needed.
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Rebound Frame Pad Lifters

10% performance boost.
Lasts 50 times longer than any others.
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Dave Ross 2 String Bed

Lasts 5 times longer than a web bed.
Maintains size, stability and power.
Broken strings can be easily repaired.
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Rebound HP Springs

Lasts 2 times longer than any others.
Safe spring hook design.
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Rebound Frame Clips

Reduces wear on the frame.
Avoids costly frame repairs.
Reduces noise from springs.
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Rebound Roller Stands

Non-adjustable for safety.
Transports at lower height.