Rebound Throw Mats – Two Sizes

Rebound throw mats have been designed to have excellent wear, replaceable foam and comfortable handles. The competition sized small mats are the most popular, but the large mats provide more cushioning and at 102” x 57” x 11” are specially designed to remove most of an athlete’s bounce. Super strong material in the covers with no stitching on any edges. Also available as cover only to save on shipping costs.

Large throw mat
$900 CAD (102” x 57” by 11”)
Cover only
$420 CAD


Small throw mat
$500 CAD (competition size: 78” x 44” x 5.5”)
Cover only
$350 CAD


Customer Testimonial

Viagym (Terrebonne, QC, Canada)

“Equipment that lasts over countless years. We have confidence with all the products that Rebound makes. They are the safest and most reliable as they have been tested in real training environments by the most renowned athletes and coaches in Canada and also internationally. They are designed by experienced people who have an impressive knowledge of the characteristics of our wonderful world of aerial aerobatics. The different throw pits are ideal for safely learning new skills. They are also continually researching and innovating to evolve trampoline equipment.”
-Christine Paquin-

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