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The Ultimate Trampoline Springs.

Dave Ross. Rebound Products Founder.
Published November 7th, 2012.

The second most important performance factor for a trampoline is the springs. We believe we make the best springs available. Certainly they are the most carefully researched and most commonly emulated. Many, many hours of design and research, meticulous attention to detail and tests with many prototypes have resulted in an excellent understanding of what is required to produce a top quality extension spring. Most of the quality features, which have been built into these springs, cannot be seen with the naked eye. One you can see is a safety feature. The hooks have been squeezed to move the sharp end of the wire inward in case you fall through the springs. The ones you can’t see have not been copied, so we won’t tell you about that, but we can say that all trampoline springs on the market cost less to produce than ours. At the 1996 World Championships they proved that they will last through a lengthy major competition without replacing more than a few springs per trampoline.

They were our first product, and were developed for standard spacing and commonly available frames and beds. Hence they can be used on trampolines worldwide. The lifetime is excellent. They weigh a bit more than other common competition springs. They maintain tension well and give a bit smoother bottom, ideally complementing the low air resistance of our string bed.

Our springs have been instrumental in smoothing the bounce of common competition springs, which now means the performance is almost identical. They are a good investment anytime, having saved some Clubs thousands of dollars. Now that competition trampolines are more powerful, athletes are jumping higher and wearing the springs out faster. As our springs were already made to withstand longer stretch they are holding up well. Rebound Products makes the only trampoline spring that can stand up to the demands of a wall trampoline.

We were also the original producer of corner springs, which were designed to make trampolines much safer when an athlete lands near the edges or, more noticeably, in the corners of a bed. Corner springs are now in used on every competition trampoline. Our beds should be used with 12 corner springs. Web beds with corner rings use 8 corner springs, but are slightly safer with 12.

Rebound Products has used our knowledge to custom build the best possible springs for mini-tramps, double mini-tramps and power tracks. We are still doing research to further increase the lifetime of our trampoline springs.

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