Rebound Mini-Tramp
The new
Rebound Mini-Tramp

With the new Mini-Tramp, Dave Ross set out to create a powerhouse: engineer a low flex frame that can safely handle our lengendary Bed and Springs. That meant re-designing the frame to be saddle shaped and allow for optimal transfer of athlete speed into height. The result is the best performance mini-tramp available in North America.

Fully equipped for Performance.

The new Rebound Mini-Tramp is designed for maximum power transfer to the athlete. The top frame is heavier than standard models which results in reduced flex and increased power. The new triangulated leg system provides a more strudy base for further power gains and easier height adjustment.

The top frame has a unique saddle shape. The front of the frame is lowered to allow better access entering to the bed for smaller atheles, and the top of the frame is dropped so the exit is easier and the upper frame pad is more horizontal. This is particularly helpful when the unit is set to the steep maximum angle of the frame.
This radical angle creates a better conversion of run into height. In short, a performance machine.


Safety re-envisioned.

The bed is longer than it is wide, as foot placement errors are more likely in the direction
of the run. The bed is woven from large custom string that provides excellent grip. Safety features of the springs include a special hook so they sit at the frame height so there are no bumps under the pads, while at the bed they are highly tapered to reduce their profile there.


Engineered for Longest Lifetime.

The Dave Ross 2 String Bed is the longest lasting trampoline bed in the world. They are hand crafted and have no stitching in the bed. Skyrider’s Trampoline place currently has Rebound High Performance Springs that have lasted over 7 years. The New Rebound Single Mini-Tramp has its own custom designed bed and springs that maximize lifetime and outlasts anything currently available on the market.

Bill Young
The Trampoline Place (CT, USA)

“Quality performance with reliability that’s unmatched and at a great price. Researching with a passion for excellence. We believe Rebound Products produces the finest quality Trampoline products that money can buy. Dave Ross has proven to be the best mind in research and development of trampoline products since George Nissen invented the apparatus”.