What is the turn around time?

In stock items only require the shipping time in working days from the time we receive payment. Surface shipping is cheaper than air. We try to keep most of our regular items in stock. Call about specific out of stock items, as order times vary depending on item.

Do I need it to be FIG approved?

FIG approved equipment is required for intercontinental and other major competitions. Basically World Cups and higher.  National and dual competitions only require FIG specification equipment. The FIG makes absolutely no safety claims or assurance that the approved equipment is safe.

We have looked at the prices for the trampolines sold at the big box stores and wonder why are your products so expensive?

Mass market trampolines are not designed for an acrobatic bounce height, and the “race to the bottom” to have the lowest price has pretty much guaranteed that product quality is extremely low. You get what you pay for. A trampoline that is round. A minimal bounce. Frame pads which are pretty much decorative, etc.

Can it be used outdoors?

Absolutely. However the enemy of all synthetic products is UV radiation. We can paint your bed black for some added protection but the real solution is to cover your trampoline with a tarp when not in use, this will cut UV damage down to lower than the mechanical wear.

How do I clean, or maintain the beds?

With water, a scrub brush and elbow grease, unless you can take it outdoors to rinse it well, in which case some mild detergent can be added to the water which significantly reduces the amount of elbow grease needed.

What are corner springs?

Rebound Products pioneered the corner spring and these are now used on all competitive trampolines. These are a small number of larger and tighter springs which are placed near the corners of the bed and are essential to keep your athletes safe should they land from a height on their feet right in the corner of the bed. With only standard springs in this situation as the bed depresses the athletes feet would be pulled towards the centre of the bed resulting in the upper body leaning over the corner!

Can you make custom sizes. What are they?

Rebound Products makes many custom products for many performance groups to include Cirque du Soleil. We can make custom length products at all of our standard widths which are 24.5”, 37.5”, 63.5”, 72.8”, 84”, 85.6” and 123”. Often we can also custom tailor the bounce and the colour to specific needs. Minor width adjustments are possible with non-standard border rope or extenders.

Do you sell slightly used equipment?

Reduced price items – Rebound Products occasionally has some used equipment or over-stocked items in our warehouse. Often the used items do not have as much life left in them, but this is reflected in the price. Call for prices.