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The most emulated trampoline springs in the world. Long lasting smooth power.

Amazing Trampoline Springs.

The second most important performance factor for a trampoline is the springs. We produce the most carefully researched, most commonly emulated and most expensive to make. Using high volume sales, we keep prices low, to provide amazing value.

We started by reducing peak forces, which now has been widely copied.

At the 1996 and 2007 World Championships they proved that they are the best lasting springs ever supplied to a World Trampoline Championships. Test of fire. Passed!

In 2014 after additional research we revised our springs to meet the higher demands of today’s athletes and equipment. The smooth bounce has been retained.

We were also the inventor of corner springs, which make trampolines much safer when an athlete lands in the corner of a bed. Another example of how Rebound Products has been leading the development and safety of competition trampolines.

Rebound Products has used our spring knowledge to purpose build the best possible springs for mini-tramps, double mini-tramps, power tracks and our super tramp.

FAQs about Trampoline Springs

How much weight can trampoline springs support?
Trampoline springs can support over 1,000 lbs. This allows every type of person to enjoy the exercise and fun of jumping on a trampoline.

How often should I replace my trampoline springs?
Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, springs should normally be replaced every 4 to 5 years. Rebound Products’ springs will last 8 to 10 years or longer, depending upon use.

How do I know if my trampoline springs are worn?
Trampoline springs only need to be replaced when they lose the tension that they were made with. For example, a 10” spring has 39 lbs. of tension to the spring. When the spring is stretched to 14” to 15” for optimum bounce, the tension should measure 38 to 40 lbs. At 14” to 15", if the tension measures above or below 38 to 40 lbs., then it’s time to replace the springs. This can also be the case when the spring has been overstretched, as in the image below.

buy spring trampoline
This image shows what an overstretched spring would look like.

Are trampoline springs safe for my children?
Trampoline springs are not toys. They are made to hold very tight tensions, and when stretched, they can sometimes break. It’s never safe to use a trampoline without having the frame pads installed over the springs to protect your children from falling through the springs.

What type of trampoline springs should I buy for my trampoline?
Each type of trampoline requires a different type and size of spring. It’s always best to buy replacement springs directly from the manufacturer. If you do shop around, make sure that you know that the trampoline frame is strong enough to accept the tension of a different type of spring. If the frame is not strong enough against the spring tension, the frame may collapse inward, causing injury. Always do research before purchasing to ensure that you have the right product.

Are trampoline springs covered by warranty?
Trampoline springs have a warranty of around 6 months for manufacturing defects. If a spring does break, the manufacturer is obligated to replace it within that timeframe. Note that warranties are sometimes dependent on the use of the trampoline. For example, if the trampoline is used in a trampoline facility, then it would get more use than one used in a backyard. It is best to check with the manufacturer regarding warranties at the time of purchase.

How should I install trampoline springs on my trampoline?
When installing trampoline springs on a trampoline, it’s best to have two people complete the installation. Put one spring on each of the four corners so that the mat is suspended. This way one person can stand on one side of the trampoline and the other across from them. Then you can install one spring at a time. This helps so that the trampoline evenly takes the tensions. It also helps the installer’s arms, as they wouldn’t have to work as hard. Installing springs on a trampoline is a workout! Using the spring tool shown below helps as well. By using the tool, you can avoid the skin being pinched if the hole is missed the first time.
How to install trampoline spring
Use this tool to install springs