Inner extender

Inner extender


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Rebound Products Exclusive

Rebound Spring Extenders
These are little hooks which make a spring shorter.
They are one of the keys the great bouncing experience Rebound Products provides.
We are the only manufacturer who has a strategy to deal with the facts. Springs lose some tension mostly in the first few months and beds elongate continually after an initial growth spurt.
To help your athletes get the optimal, like new, competition bounce for as long as possible, we not only supply low growth beds and high lifetime springs. We also make the springs so they are a bit too tight when brand new.
With a few extenders on the bed for the first year, the possibility is created to keep the perfect tension throughout the age of the bed. We aim for very few extenders during the middle age of the bed, whereas most manufacturers give you a product which starts too tight and ends up too soft.
Extenders also allow adjustments for different user preferences.

New Inner Extenders
Originally extenders were made from the hooks taken from retired shock cords, and then we made our own custom version which was far less likely to fall off when a trampoline was folded up. They went between the springs and the frame. Out of sight, out of mind. The problem was that they move the spring weight closer to the bed where all the motion is. This gives a bed with a lot of extenders a heavier feel.
The solution was to place the extender between the spring and the bed, moving the spring weight further from the bed which is particularly needed if you have a new webbed bed which is temporarily undersized.
Rebound Products is the only manufacturer of the inner extender which is made out of spring steel in a larger wire than the springs but is still very light. Furthermore the shape has been designed to remove all sharp wire ends out of harm’s way.


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