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Better By Design

Evolution of Trampolines

All of our complete units have been designed with years of thought, research and testing by a trampoline coach who has pondered the flaws of existing designs. Rebound Products pioneered most of the improvements to trampoline equipment in the last 30 years to include corner springs and the use of two leg braces per corner. This drastic improvement to frame stability, sideways at the ends is now the industry standard for all competitive trampolines. Many other innovations went un-noticed and un-copied. With the combination of our bed, springs, frame and accessories you get a phenomenal, long lasting bounce!

Stable Frames

All of our frames have been designed to create the stable platform that a trampoline frame should be.

The folding 7x14 frame we currently offer is a slightly upgraded Eurotramp GMU frame. Eurotramp developed this frame as a joint project with Rebound Products. Our assistance in the design ensured that it’s stability was upgraded.  Our non-folding frame moves frame stability a few steps further.

Our most popular trampolines include the smooth bouncing Rebound springs, the long lasting string bed, and our extra thick and safe tapered frame pads. Please read about each of these great products on this website.