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Rebound Mini-tramp


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Rebound Products Exclusive

Rebound’s Mini-Tramp
Rebound makes its own low flex Mini-Tramp frame. It compliments our legendary Mini-tramp Beds and Springs. This new frame reaches a steeper maximum angle without bending or sliding, to allow for a maximum transfer of an athlete’s speed into height. The result is stunning!

Designed for Performance.
The new Rebound Mini-Tramp is designed for power. The frame is very rigid so the springs do the work. The top frame is heavier than usual, resulting in reduced flex and increased power. The leg design provides a triangulated base for further frame stiffness and easier height adjustment.

The top frame has a unique saddle shape. There is a downward bend at both the low and the high ends. Hence the front of the frame is lowered to allow easier entry for young athletes. The bend near the top results in the highest part of the frame being lower and the upper frame pad being more horizontal, enhancing safety.

The bed is longer than it is wide, giving more margin for error in the direction of the run.

Engineered to Last.
The Dave Ross 2 String Bed is hand crafted and stitching free. Custom designed for grip, flexibility and air flow. This technology has proven both its high lifetime and its ease of repair.

There is a sport in Scandinavian countries called Team Gym. One of the competitive events uses a single mini-tramp. Rebound has sold all the beds for these competition mini-tramps for over 25 years.

The springs are over-designed for extra lifetime, and include special safety features. The frame pads are held to the frame with shock cord to reduce stress points. The flat floor protectors are superior to the traditional rounded ones, and are easily replaceable.

Weight usually translates into durability. This unit is almost twice as heavy as low priced units!

Gymnastics vaulting trainer Model – a version is available with tighter springs, see Vault Mini-Tramp


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