Rebound Mini-tramp

Rebound Mini-tramp


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Rebound’s Mini-Tramp
Revising our Mini-Tramp design (mostly in 2014), We set out to create a powerhouse: engineer a low flex frame that can safely handle our legendary Bed and Springs. That meant re-designing the frame to reach a steeper maximum angle without bending or sliding, to allow for optimal transfer of athlete speed into height. The result is the best performing mini-tramp available in North America.

Designed for Performance.
The new Rebound Mini-Tramp is designed for maximum power transfer. The frame is very rigid so the springs do the work. The top frame is heavier than usual, which results in reduced flex and increased power. The new triangulated leg system provides a solid base for further power gains and easier height adjustment.

The top frame has a unique saddle shape. There is a downward bend at both the low and the high end. The front of the frame is lowered to allow better access entering to the bed for young athletes, and the top of the frame is dropped so the exit is easier and the upper frame pad is more horizontal (safer). This is particularly helpful when the unit is set to the steep maximum angle of the frame. This radical angle creates a better conversion of running power into height. In short, a performance machine.

Safety re-envisioned.
The bed is longer than it is wide, as foot placement errors are most likely in the direction of the run. The bed is woven from large custom string that provides excellent grip. Safety features of the springs include a special hook so they sit at the frame height, eliminating bumps under the pads, while at the bed side they are highly tapered to reduce their profile there.

Engineered to Last.
The Dave Ross 2 String Bed is hand crafted and stitching free. A technology that has proven both its high lifetime and its ease of repair. The result is a bed that outlasts any other available. The springs are over-designed for mini-tramp use, to also double as power-track springs. The frame pads are held to the frame with shock cord so the minimal movement on impact reduces wear points on the pads. The rectangular but flat floor protectors reduce frame movement compared to the traditional rounded ones and are easily replaced.


RB Mini Tramp – Complete $1600.00 CAD