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7 x 14 Folding Trampolines

GMU – Rebound collaborated with Eurotramp to develop their Ultimate frame which incorporated the leg stiffness, wide stance and corner bracing of Rebound’s legendary 2007 Steadfast–1, and adds laser cut parts, top quality steel plus new fast connection leg braces. Now the most used frame in competitions world-wide. If you purchase this frame with all Eurotramp parts, the frame will be unmodified.

GMU modified – This great frame has been further tweaked by Rebound, with longer support cables, safer leg tops and Rebound Frame Clips. Most customers enhance this frame with all rebound parts. This creates a great bouncing, longer lasting option at a lower price.

GME frame – this older frame is a budget option, which is also lighter.



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Euro-GMU – Frame only (with lifting roller stands)
Euro GMU – Complete w/RB parts (2 str. Bed)
Euro GMU – Complete w/E parts (4mm web Bed)
Euro GME – Frame only (with lifting roller stands)
Euro GME – Complete w/RB parts (2 str. Bed)

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