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Rebound End Deck Frames


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Rebound Products Exclusive

Rebound end deck frames are available in two depths. One to accommodate the competition sized end deck mats which are 2.4m deep and the smaller ones to match our one piece 2m deep mats. Both sizes are made in Canada and include three important features which other end decks do not have…

1) The height of the deck is about an inch above the level of the trampoline frame to match with the top of the frame pads on the ends of most trampoline frames. This improves safety as the end deck mat is supported on a flat surface.
2) The back of the end deck has two legs instead of one. This means the frame is supported at the back in four points instead of two, greatly reducing the likelihood that the back of the frame will get bent down in the middle.
3) Our quick attachment system uses gravity instead of fiddly hardware. It is intended for use with frame pads that velcro to the frame.

An additional feature is Velcro strips on the top of the material within the frame, so our mats placed on top of them will stay in place.


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RB End Deck Frame – each (mat not included) (2 sizes)

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