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Rebound End Deck Mats


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Rebound Products Exclusive

Our end deck mats are available in competition size of 2.4m deep or at a depth of 2m in a single piece. Our competition sized version has the Velcro join at the back where there is no issue with Velcro lifetime! (Another Rebound innovation which has been copied.) A thin layer of firmer foam at the bottom edge over the trampoline frame and end deck frame area is a unique and important safety feature (protects ankles).

Covers can be ordered in the tradition vinyl or the superior lifetime material used in our throw mats which is water resistant, but not water proof.


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End Deck Mat Nylon (80″ x 119″)
End Deck Mat Vinyl (80″ x 119″)
End Deck extension Nylon (14″ x 119″)

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