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Rebound Vault Mini-tramp


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Model Designed as an Artistic Gymnastics vaulting trainer.
The Rebound’s Single Mini-Tramp frame is very low at the low end. Consequently, no board is needed in front of it, for young athletes. Additionally, the far end can be set only slightly higher than a vaulting board.

This unit uses special tighter springs, to simulate vaulting board timing, and to limit bed depression.
The width of the floor protectors is wide enough to straddle either 36” wide, or 1 meter wide, run up mats. Hence this device can place its floor protectors on solid floor, which increases power.
All this has prompted gymnasts to call it “the super board”, as the most powerful board they have experienced.
This version is a mini-tramp which is lower, longer, easier to access and firmer than normal. In essence, the ideal vaulting board.


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Vault Mini Tramp – Complete

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