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Rebound Non-Fold Trampolines


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Rebound Products Exclusive

The Rebound 7×14 non-folding trampoline is the only non-fold frame with the bounce of a competition trampoline. This is done by having the same inner dimensions and the same style legs as a folding trampoline. This frame contacts the floor at only 4 points, allowing the level to be easily adjusted.
Due to the larger oval tubing in our top frame, and the lack of both hinges and chains, this frame is extra solid.  As this frame is intended for in-ground use at permanent gyms, the corners are square. This makes them easy to deck around. The tapered frame pads on the sides are 3” thick.  Made completely in Canada.

–  Tired of your trampoline walking around the gym?
–  Tired of pulling out the legs every time someone lands at the end of the frame?
–  Tired of watching your floor protectors slide on a slippery floor.
ALL those three problems have been solved with this frame!

Each frame features 16 solid adjustable braces.

Club owners and coaches rely on Rebound trampolines to last for years. When you take this frame and add our great string beds, springs, and custom frame pads, you arrive at a killer performance&durability/price solution.


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7×14 NonFold – Frame Only
7×14 NonFold – Complete

Antoine Vallières

Dynamix (Varennes, QC, Canada)

“Rebound Product's non-folding frame is by far the best product I've ever used in my gym! They are incomparably robust and stable! Combined with Rebound's beds, the result is a marvel of power and stability."

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