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Rapid 104 Spring

Rebound Springs

The most carefully researched and emulated trampoline spring in the world. No one has copied all our life extending and safety features. Smoothest bounce. Longest lifetime. First producer of corner springs.

Years of fine tuning has enabled us to produce a trampoline spring that is slightly heavier than standard competition springs, but has more than double the lifetime. We call them our HP or High Performance Spring. We have been often told not to provide such a spring to the market, as they don’t wear out fast enough. Well, we have been doing exactly that since we started selling springs in 1980 and are proud of it! Now the Rebound spring is the only one that can properly stand up to the demands of wall trampolines. Despite bed power increases in 2008 most manufacturers still supply the same size springs as before. Rebound modified our springs to meeting those new higher demands. This added a bit of weight. For light athletes a lighter spring performs better as it reacts faster.

JUMP FORWARD TO 2022 – we also now sell RAPID Trampoline springs!
THIS PHENOMINAL BREAKTHROUGH ALLOWS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. This innovative spring has the lifetime of our HP springs but reacts FASTER THAN a standard spring!

Rebound’s goal is Relentless product evolution. This is the next step forward…

Rebound Springs

When you jump on a Trampoline the springs move inward and angle downward. When the centre of gravity of a spring is tracked there is actually more downward motion than inward motion, particularly on first contact. By shifting the centre of gravity of the springs towards the frame, it does not move as much downward. The result is our RAPID spring which reacts like a lighter spring. As these springs develop the required tension in less space, rope extenders are provided. This also protects the spring from direct hits. Acting light means rapid, and rapid means a faster reacting trampoline.

To maximize this weight shift, the frame side of the spring has a very short hook, which also is easier to install.

Rebound Products remains a champion of heavier springs, to provide you with value. The maximum distance a spring can be stretched without damage is roughly proportional to its weight. A small increase in weight can give a large increase in lifetime, because the number of times each degree of spring damaging extension occurs is greatly reduced.

Now you can HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! Compared to conventional springs these RAPID springs both last longer and respond quicker! More power packed into a compact little package.

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