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Buying Professional and Competition Trampolines

As a gym owner or an entertainment facility operator, it may be up to you to buy professional trampoline equipment for your site. While a well-made trampoline allows your members to safely exercise, train, or have fun, do you know what else to look for?

Facility owners and operators all over the world consistently want to buy professional trampolines and buy competition trampolines that satisfy several characteristics regarding both the equipment and the dealer:

  • high-quality and robust materials
  • high-performing and stable components
  • durable and sustainable equipment
  • innovative designs
  • highly tested features
  • readily-available accessories
  • dependable customer service

Buy from the best in the industry

Rebound Products, trampoline equipment manufacturer, has been providing athletics, exercise, and Olympic trampolines and accessories to sites like yours for decades. Rebound Products produces and supplies complete trampoline units, springs, accessories, beds, and mats.

Rebound Products is proud to have created a number of innovations in the trampoline world. They are responsible for the innovation and promotion of:

  • Corner springs
  • Smoother force curve springs
  • Triangulated dual corner braces for frame stability
  • Thicker frame pads
  • Tapered frame pads
  • More powerful beds
  • Robust end decks
  • Stiffer trampoline legs for improved frame stability

Buy professional trampoline equipment and accessories

Rebound Products produces and distributes world-renowned trampolines and trampoline equipment. Our products are used by coaches and competitors at the highest levels of international competition as well as by professional entertainers (e.g., Cirque du Soleil and several cruise lines). Rebound Products exclusively uses Canadian suppliers for the best quality materials.

We make many styles of trampolines (7×14 trampolines and 6×12 trampolines), 2 string trampoline beds, trampoline springs, tapered trampoline frame pads, double mini-tramps, mini-tramps and much more. Please visit our trampoline pages for more detailed information.


Rebound Products has always focused on producing safe, durable equipment to do our part to help clubs with capital expenses. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in all of the equipment and accessories that we sell.

We’re ready when you are

If you buy trampolines for gyms or other popular facilities, you know how important it is to be able to depend on your supplier. Rebound Products has an excellent reputation for dedication to our customers as demonstrated by the after-sales service. We will design and manufacture custom trampolines where required, and assist with the maintenance of all equipment and accessories.

Our reputation boasts high-quality equipment, product knowledge, and excellent customer service. Customers are consistently impressed by how easy it is to deal with Rebound Products and remain satisfied customers for years. Our staff is equally passionate about everything to do with trampolines and accessories as they are about the safety and enjoyment of the equipment.

It’s easy to contact us by calling 905-787-9090 or toll Free 877-573-2686. Alternatively, you can email us at or send a message via our website. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff welcomes all inquiries.