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Equipment Review – Rebound Products VS Gaofei VS Eurotramp

Comparing pricing, power, durability, and other pros and cons helpful to athletes, coaches, and gym owners

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we’re going to be reviewing Gao PHA euro

rebound and Ross athletics we’re also

going to be doing some double mini and

tumbling as well for double mini we’re

gonna be reviewing euro Gao PHA

and rebounds and then for tumbling we’re

going to be reviewing Ross athletics sky

kun Spieth and acro sports so let’s kick

it off with trampoline nuno so this

document we collected very unofficially

some pricing of the equipment

this is dependent on where you’re from what

country right where the shipping some

prices include shipping some don’t and

Equipment Review & Veriflite Giveaway-4also these reviews that

we’re talking about a lot of them are our opinion

right opinion of as gym owners as

coaches as athletes and just hearing

different reviews from other athletes

across the world and coaches as well

that’s especially for double minion

tumbling is mostly based on what

athletes had been told us and yeah and

that thing even this price is more based

on the US then actually for the rest of

the world because

I think some systems you’re gonna be

cheaper in the Europe and others will be

more expensive due to the shaping so

alright let’s start so yeah all these

all these pricings here are in US

dollars right alright so for trampoline

here we have a gal Fay right these two

tabs we have euro from a few

different suppliers

we have rebound products which is Dave Ross in Toronto

his equipment company and then we also

have trembling index from Ross athletics

here so let’s start it off with golf a

four by four so I want to start off

right here because it’s it’s posted the

pricing right so what is the cheapest

trampoline full set up with index that

we can get it looks like the rebound

non-folding trampoline is the excuse me

the cheapest right with ten thousand two

hundred twenty-five dollars right we

don’t have like we don’t have all the

numbers from trampling solutions about

index and maths so it makes it a little

bit hard to give that the cheapest price

on everything but I mister don’t think

nothin will beat that rebound

non-folding if you’re starting if you’re

starting a club that you do not need to

move your equipment that rebound

unfolding it’s a great it’s a great

setup and I think that’s what you have

in your club right Stephen yeah

absolutely it is we have I think we well

right now we have seven we had nine

trampolines we had two folding and seven

non-folding and now we’ve we because we

added in the rod floor we took away two

trampolines so now we have seven

non-folding and so I guess I guess the

easiest way for us to compare these is

to look at without index right

because those numbers we have across all all

brands right so the golf a is 7,500 to

$8,500 the euro trip and where you’re

depend and that will depend also because

we trampoline solutions I asked the

price was with shipping and customs but

he was not able to do that price if you

just order one trampoline that price

will be less or more than one trampoline

or if it has a batch of trampolines

coming on the same container

because shipping changes custom changes so

that’s the minimum price you can do

whenever he has a order more than one

and I think the reason for that and the

same same reason why like rental

equipments are certain prices because

it’s cheaper just to ship one container

then half of a container or just one

individual trampoline right you just

close the track to close the trailer it

goes on the back of a truck correct

onto a train and then or a boat and then

just get shipped in that container a

euro right

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by far the most

expensive trampoline on the market looks

like us most in the u.s. at least here

yeah because because I think I think the

shipping is what makes it more more

expensive and I think the retailer’s

here and I’m not sure about this at this

moment I know in the past was like this

I think AI receives all and then they

everyone goes through a ai to do it I

don’t know if that has changed or not

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but that’s why if you look except

rebound products all the price are

exactly the same because I think they

all go through the same retailer gotcha

yeah I think I think you’re correct on

that but I mean with Gao phase being

shipped from China

all right so I mean come on it’s the

same it’s probably farther away China

from the from I think China – I agree

the western coast is probably the same

distance maybe if not more than it is

from from Germany to the east coast to

the east god again I think AI probably

puts a big profit on top of that but

yeah they have that if they have that

market just for themselves I guess they

can do it right

I guess I guess that’s

the biggest reason why Indies sheet we

collected also rebound products that is

in Canada but you can also acquire for

them I think you have to pay sales tax

which is not very much in shipping

whenever I bought my stuff from them was

also not very much

and it definitely compensates the

difference in price for me so you’re

saying it was better to go to rebound

products then correct even with shipping

and sales tax um and I think they look

at the difference it’s it’s like $1500

little over 15 under a lot of dollars

different so you’re not gonna pay $1,500

and also I mean it also depends on your

location as well right so rebound

products is located in Toronto is it

drivable all right so I know for us it

was drivable

so we did we drove I’m sure

not the equipment ourselves so we saved

a lot on shipping so if that’s something

that’s you know doable for you then you

can save a lot there as well

would you mind zooming in zooming in a

little bit more on the price so people

can see better they don’t need to see

the website we put we put the website’s

in front as well but I think this is the

most important information here so yeah

that’s great so so let’s let’s also talk

about this right so so also for everyone

they’re looking at the list and looking

at the rebound products the right so the

most expensive was your and the

cheapest trampoline set up without index

is by far the rebound rebound

non-folding and what is a non folding

bed most people have probably never even

seen it so basically if you’ve never

heard tore down or set up a trampoline

it folds you put the legs in that’s on

the wheels the legs swing under the

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trampoline folds into thirds

and then it goes up on its side right

and it folds like a sandwich you can

wheel it away and put into the closets

for storage the non-folding comes in two

pieces right comes in the ends the legs

come in and you basically assemble it

and then you screw right wouldn’t let

some bolts those pieces together and

that’s it there’s no hinge that bends

for the legs to swing in and fold up

basically build it like an Ikea okay

pretty much and but so and they’re there

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I think they’re pretty heavy right so

you don’t want to be able to move them

so yeah

you want to find a permanent home for

these guys in your gym you know if

you’re gonna have to be moving it around

every weekend because artistic has to

come over here there that you know I

don’t know if it’s necessarily the right

trampoline but if it has a permanent

home I’m telling you what these are

amazing right so all right so before I

get into to our gym setups why don’t we

talk about why no no do we have the bed

pricing here by itself what you know

well the best pricing is very important

because the bed will be the thing that

will tear the most on your equipment so

the frame will last for a long time the

springs will last for quite quite a few

years but the bed depending on the level

of that look that you have might tear

down really fast if you have lower level

athletes will to last you for a long

time if you have a higher level athletes

especially the web beds so that would be

golf a and you’re a those beds do

not last very long so for a higher

eyerly athlete I would say I’ve been

changing beds maybe yearly I think I

every year have to buy a bed basically

so that’s where if you see in front of

the rebound the price is the best price

of those those are string beds

those are rebound stream beds

they’re significantly cheaper and they last you

I would say more than ten years those

Bears last more than ten years wait ten

years yes wait more than ten years but

I’m saying even without proper care you

know walking with shoes on the bed and

everything it will still last you for

more than ten years so for for a

recreational program in my opinion

that’s exactly what you want a rebound

bed you don’t have to switch beds every

year and you have a set up there that

will last you for ages and now you can

do that with a folding trampoline or the

non folding and what rebound does with

the Foley is they use the Euro

ultimate frame and they put all their

parts on that train so it’s still a

great tremor which I have two of those

right now I have two of those folding

tremblings from rebound and then I have

two that I used the euro trim frame I

use the rebound Springs paths and pad

lifters and then the Euro trims 4×4 bed

that’s how I have in my

yes so on an argent we have we have four

competitive setups right with where we

have and I guess the only difference

really is the bed so we have all seven

non-folding trampolines which are

rock-solid we have all rebound Springs

which have lasted us yes since the year

existence since we opened in in 2011 if

you guys want more information about the

springs just check out the episode that

we interviewed Dave Ross and you’ll tell

you a little bit more about yeah and and

then we have on three of the trampolines

we have string beds which we use from

recreational classes some lower level

competitive teams and then

we have four

web beds which will rotate and replace

about once a year maybe 18 months

depending on who’s you know who’s

jumping there whether you know because

there’s two trampolines at the senior

leads jump and then the other two

maybe some of the junior elites or youth

release jump on so they’re a lot lighter

putting a lot less pressure on and wear

and tear on the beds but my my in that

set up is in my opinion the most

powerful trampoline in the world with

and we use we use golf a four by fours

however and I don’t know if this is

something that you know and I don’t know

what happened what changed with golf a

but they used to have this four

millimeter by four millimeter and I

swear that thing was four point zero

zero zero zero millimeters by four point

zero zero zero and that thing was a rock

I actually had I actually been Taylor

space I actually think they had some bed

that were less than four millimeters I

might be right that I think I really

think that they had some best that were

lesson for abused and I can tell you

what happened so they went to the fig.2

Institute for certification and the bed

was too powerful it did not pass

certification like Dave also explained

on his episode you guys should really go

check out that they do that test with

the 60 kilo ball and you drop it on the

and you have a certain level at

the ball can rebound and the ball and

the bed was too powerful it did not pass

so they had to increase the size of that

of the web´s so so it will do this fast

certification so they actually I think

they have a bed right now that is

actually more than four millimeters to

class certification and they think they

advertise as four by four but I think it

was like 4.1 by four point six or four

point seven so even more you know so I

mean those things were awesome so we

have the four by force or whatever you

want to call them four by four and a

half certified by fives all right we

have the golf a and and the reason being

Equipment Review & Veriflite Giveaway-20

is the look at the pricing here right

right so whether you’re getting in the

u.s. you’re getting around twenty

between you know twenty one and twenty

five hundred dollars you go for a euro

which even if it’s arguably maybe

a little more powerful does that justify

an extra $2,000 the question in my

opinion sure it’s more powerful but I in

my opinion I think they’ll last a little

bit longer now the question is does it

justify the difference in price how much

they last that’s a totally device that’s

a totally different conversation right I

think in powerful I think the golf I are

a little bit more powerful than the

earth trend if you want my opinion now

and again like we said the begin this is

only personal opinion that we’re talking


now does this price justifies it that’s

for you to decide to decide but for sure

for sure not the forty seven forty that

the u.s. is asking for it the thirty

eight money that’s actually a really

good price for for for your turn back

I’m still bill fourteen hundred dollars

they’re different from the top price we

have for golf a but in my in my opinion

I think if you can have one of each your

athletes only benefit from it they can

practice they can keep alternating and

practice on all types of bet and that’s

the best thing for them and I think

let’s talk let’s talk about the

stereotypical club at least in America

right most most are not only doing

trampoline but most are mainly artistic

with some trampoline and tumbling


and most don’t have a very high budget

right so here’s my recommendations and

then you know you can can give yours yes

I I think the best thing that you could

possibly do is get a rebound rebound

non-folding get the rebound Springs and

get the rebound string bed okay

and that that’s going to cost you $6,500

now it that’s going to be plenty until

you build your program up up until the

optional level right even even the

optional level I trained on rebound

trampolines up until pretty much senior

elites and then even then we kind of

went back and forth between web beds

then my suggestion is once you get an

athlete maybe level 10 or you know

starting to compete in the elite

division then you buy a web bed right

and you had the same setup and you

replace it with a web bed so they can

get comfortable jumping on a web bed

maybe so it’s a little more powerful and

then if your trampoline is because I

hear this a lot well we want to get this

but the REC kids and the rep coaches

just come in and destroy it jumping with

their shoes jumping all day and that

happens right a lot of these teams

across the country they have to share

their equipment with the classes now

these through and so here would be my

recommendation by the web bed learn how

to change it and swap it out three weeks

before the competition and I think this

is this is something that Dave Ross does

with with his athletes he’s always

experimenting with new beds and then

about a few weeks I think Rosie said it

in Episode three how many weeks out she

normally switches it out but they’ll

swap it out so they’re training on that

equipment to prepare for that

competition and all of that all the

equipment for most of the events I can’t

say for local meets but at least for the

state’s regionals and national meets

they’ll tell you which equipment will be

provided at the competition so you can

kind of get a feel for how it’s gonna be

I agree I would not I would not change

much there I

just keep evolving on that program and

if you find yourself with an elite

athlete I would probably try and change

and change the bed definitely for the

4×4 and I don’t know if you really need

a folding frame or not it really depends

on the setup of your club but if you

have above-ground trampolines I think

that folding friend does give a little

bit more motion than than what the non

fold he does but I think the difference

is negligible in my opinion it does not

make that big of a difference you can

build a higher level a lot of level

athlete with a non folding frame easily

that’s what Dave Ross has in his club

like you said that’s what you have I

don’t have it I actually have the

folding frame but for other reasons I

need I need the the mobility of that

equipment I need to be able to move them

out sometimes and move into the

competition plate because I organize two

meats a year so they need to move them

so I need that that that easiness of

mobility so the following frame is good

for me but the non folding frame is

phenomenal and and I do think there if

you want to try with the golf right bed

you should try with the golf a bit and

see if you have the opportunity to have

one traveling with your on

trampoline with CalFire I think that’s

the best thing you know you can and then

and then the rebound you switch wherever

you jump the most or something like that

as long as your athletes are always

changing they’re always adapting it

makes them better absolutely I think

just to kind of give a justification or

review on the rebound string beds I’ve

done trampoline shows for NBA halftime

NFL halftime corporate events since 2004

and the first company I started working

with the sky riders also called sky

riders with Kenny he used to have an

open trailer wasn’t it wasn’t it closed

it was just a flatbed trailer and he

would put the fold of the trampoline and

put on the back and you drive through

snow rain hail you name it on the

highways for all the way across the

country and he had a string bed and

rebounds rebound string bed and rebound

Springs amen he must have had that equip

for decades over 20 years now he he also

would get like updated equipment later

on but he had that equipment and was

able to use for 20 years outside just

getting beat up right and I don’t think

that’s something that would ever be

doable with the web heads now yeah I


another idea that we you know we do a

ETA that maybe you guys can do as well

is find a club maybe with some lower

levels and then find a club with higher

level athletes and what you guys can

work together because like Nuno said

he’s he’s buying a new bed every year so

what does he do with that old bed he can

sell it to to some lower level gyms for

a very very large discount and now

they’re getting web beds for half of the

price maybe even even less and they’re

really they’re great trampoline beds

they’re just not able to be jumped on by

senior elite men right and senior league

women for so long so so I know anything

some people do that I usually only

replace my bed one day trip so I really

don’t have them right so but I mean if

you guys can help each other right if

you find a club absolutely you know I I

would love to have a web bed but I can’t

afford you know $2,500 or $3,000 and you

get it and I know I know that the

rebound does that you know rebound

product that sometimes they have beds

that they use at Skyriders for a short

period of time and they will sell those

I already got a couple of those cheaper

four by fours they won’t last you as

long as a normal 4×4 but for me it

compensates the difference for me I

actually have a spare one already ready

to go into the trampoline just like that

in case we need it

so shall we move on I think trampoline

yes is done I think we talked a lot

about trampoline seriously we want this

to be a short episode so everyone can

follow the prices are there you do your

own research I think you should do your

own research you should look at what

drunk what equipment is best and most to

it for your gym this is only our

opinions this

we use in our gym and this is the the

prices being elected if you have any

doubts just follow the context are in

front under on the top

I just want to smush something really

quick there’s a lot of clubs maybe that

say oh I would be so much better off my

my equipment or if I had this 4×4 if I

had the ultimate to the Eurotrip

ultimate and that’s not true right if

you look back is not go look at 1992

World Championships in New Zealand

they’re jumping on Ozzy beds doing three

triples like you know it’s it’s it’s not

the equipment you know so yes I get it

you want that brand new equipment you

want that shiny you know ultimate frame

and the shiny springs but it’s it’s not

as much of a necessity as you think

until you get maybe until the junior

elite level I think I agree I agree

alright let’s talk about double meaning

a little bit I don’t want I want to

write I want double me to feel as

important as trampoline with us because

we care as much about double minion

someone as we care about trample so

absolutely love double me I hope I still

have double mean except I don’t know

many as well do you coach double meaning

I love to coach the woman it’s great I

think for me it depends on the athlete

right cuz I think there’s a lot of

athletes that don’t enjoy doing it and

they’re running slow and it’s really

hard to for me to to enjoy but man those

athletes that that love to work hard

that love to run hard they really go for

everywhere pushing buttons everywhere

trampoline as well there are some

methods and rumbling that was really

hard to coach and there’s some other

that are so easy because the passion is

there and they want to do it double mean

yeah thing is the same I think is the

same but so from for me it’s like you

can still someone set lazy on trampoline

they can still jump low and and make

corrections and do things well if you’re

not running any hard stuff let’s get

into the equipment alright so here we

don’t have gyro rebound and golf a

I’m gonna be honest I’ve only ever

competed on a gyro double mini


seen the rebound the rebound in golf eh

I’ve bounced a little bit I think last

year I think at Palestra I think they

had a rebound string a double mini bed


I just kind of bounced down a little

bit so a lot of this is gonna be going

off of opinions of other athletes and

what I’ve heard so why don’t we start

off by pricing alright yeah just just

take a look at this bed price what’s

going on here right from we go well you

have a six by six you have a sick you

have a six by six and and and you’re a

and then you have a string bed

that’s a big difference right yeah


and I mean the same thing Golf a the bed

price $1300 but it’s comparable to what

we saw on right what do you what

do you think this can attest to what why

do you think that is you just think

maybe because China has has cheaper

labor or or their products you know

cheaper I don’t know maybe did I

honestly and knowing the reality of

Europe I think just the prices that get

in the u.s. here by you’re a are

very much inflated that’s that’s what I

think because if you go to Europe if you

go to Europe and you get and you collect

the price for your trip in Europe it’s

not this expensive it’s really not and I

think and this is the literally just my

opinion my guests have this is backed by

absolutely nothing but my gut right so I

think also your is one of the

original big players right they probably

did a lot of research and design just

like rebound does a lot of research and

does and design into their movement and

gal fight just kind of took it and said

alright let’s make something very

similar and copy this so they didn’t

have to put in years of research you

know into making this equipment so I

think maybe that might have a lot to do

with it as well you know they’re just

paying for the material and to make it

or not

for the research I but that’s that uhm

kind of deserves that credit right

because after Nissen they took up the

manufacturing and they’ve been

supporting this this sport for a long

time right so they deserve a little bit

that and they if I can be honest here

and and taking rebound a little bit out

of it your attempt has the quality there

you know I feel like your eternity is

the Apple of trampolines you know they

do the shiny product you know it’s

sometimes it’s not perfect but it’s a

shiny product

I think rebounds last

longer and they do a lot but they’re not

that shiny prime you know even the way

you know what that is though right

that’s you know what that is that’s

marketing man that’s branding course

Apple just sells branding same thing

with your with your trim you know you

like the logo and and I think they’ve

done a great job marketing themselves at

competitions and ya know getting their

foot in the door and being at I don’t

know this is you know I guess but 90% of

the competitions over the past few you

know two decades

absolutely so every time you go you know

go and and how many outlets wanted to we

know you’re right marketing plus and you

know I mean that not to put down their

equipment at all it’s one of the best if

not the best in the world but they also

have a very strong you know marketing

suit absolutely absolutely but again

it’s there’s a lot of things in the mix

there I think they also support this

sport a lot they’re probably the one oh

yeah we driven product making the most

advancements in the technology of the

equipment so there is that but I think I

think these prices are very different in

what the prices are in Europe that’s all

and we need to be careful about that we

don’t know those prices in Europe II see

the price we collected here and I think

the the new double me the new rebound

double mini we have not I have not seen

it yet doctor no it’s for sale and

they’ve talked a little bit about it

actually on the interview we did with

him and it has a totally different


and seems more stable than what the Euro

jump double mini is so I’m very curious

to see it you know very curious to see

it and and he wasn’t Dave talking about

that on his little bit on this podcast

yes yeah that’s what I just said so yeah

and on the interview we did with him he

he talked a little bit about the double

me that was building and he’s already

for sale and and those prices are very

good again but if I would have to

recommend for a gym starting right now

they’ll follow you what I would get on a

little noisy over but but look at the

golf a full full set up for the double

mini obviously that run up and landing

drew right fractions free of so I mean I

think my recommendation would be would

be the golf vein and having bounced on

the string bed I know it’s not that big

of a deal but it just it looks much

different running at your right your

equipment then looking at a web bed and

I know that to the athletes it’s not a

big deal you know but if we if we’re

getting picky here or you know picking

these things apart I think that also

plays a role into it and and I’ll tell

you what’s the most interesting thing

okay it’s out of all these BB needs the

the two with the FI decertification is

the golf a and the euro trap they are

certified for FNG competition right

exactly yeah so basically just if you’re

listening golf a and not watching on

YouTube a golf a full set up of the

frame springs pads and bed is $3500 the

rebound one with a string bed is 5325

and then the euro depending on

where you get it from whether it’s a AI

d GS Ross athletics or rebound products

it ranges anywhere from six thousand

eight hundred and seventy all the way up

to seven thousand five hundred five and

that I think with shipping and tax that

the Euro double mini from from

Canada from Dave Ross at rebound

products would probably be comparable

comparable to that seventy five hundred

from me I and these other suppliers in

the US

hmm yeah maybe maybe III think chipping

was not that much to be honest and and

the sales tax depends on your state if

you have a state that doesn’t have sales

tax then you don’t have to pay it so

again that what I got was your dreamt of

a mini brand just like your trend from

from rebound that’s what I got whenever

but again since I shipped everything

together the trampolines and the double

mini it was all included the shipping so

it didn’t make a difference for me and

and and just like I think all these

equipment pieces of equipment at least

with trampoline the frame is going to

last you so long right so once you so

once you buy the frame you’re really

gonna only be replacing the bed and

springs it honestly I don’t know I mean

I have to see find a club that has

multiple senior Lee athletes training at

it on double mini which I don’t know

that there’s many in the world where

there’s multiple senior Lee athletes

training at the same time on one double

mini it does not have as much wear and

tear as a trampoline does and I think it

just also has a lot less use right

trampoline you get on one person’s gonna

do you know 10 prep bounces to get ready

then their piece then some extra jumps

then they do that piece again right

double mini at most some kid is doing

five jumps in a turn right so it’s just

over time it gets less wear and tear so

I think I think just I think that

justifies maybe going a little bit more

expensive for this piece of equipment

whereas the trampoline we give a

recommendation of maybe going a little

bit cheaper here I think it doesn’t

matter as much I think I think it really

depends on the on the level of AdWords

that you have and the equipment that is

used the most at competitions I don’t

remember the last time I saw a double me

that was not you’re a and I need

rationalization I think you need to take

that into consideration again doesn’t

mean that you shouldn’t get something

feeble for your club if you can’t afford

it it’s better to have a double beam

than not having one at all but if you

have higher level athletes I think

considering the equipment that you’re

going to compete on it’s very important


yeah yeah that’s a great point all right

should we continue to tumblr let’s go

that’s good right so here we have the


rod floor that Ross athletics makes and sells












I think they also have like a demo

version and like a newer version I don’t

know they sell the demo version anymore

I think this this pricing here is the

newer newest version this is the newer

version yes but and I think it’s

important to explain that the

traditional rod floor is a little bit

thinner than than what the International

floors are so there’s this floor is six

feet wide instead of the six and a half

feet wide right that is international f

IG certified forced so this floor is the

one that are most using domestic

companies in the United States I don’t

even know if this is used anywhere else

belong to the United States so but it’s

definitely the easiest option for you to

ever walk for in your in your gym so I

think it’s important

between the demo and the new floors the

demo they only usually have a drink

competition season so they use it the

competition and then become the demo if

people want to buy it I think right now

if you look for a demo they will tell

you that they don’t have any more demos

unless they have some in stock from the

past but the demos only should only come

up after the conversation seasons up and

these are circular yes the

rods are circular that is correct and it

seems from what we hear from people

it’s a softer bounce than what the

other floors are it’s probably more

comparable to Scott Koon compared with

all the other one than the other one the

all the others are harder for sure but

even I think and this is more for tumble

just to do if you guys are from tumbling

and you’re looking at and you’re

watching this please put a comment down

below and let us know what you think

about these floors and which one you

like the best but I think that even

the sky is a little bit harder than

what the traditional Roth Ross Morris so

we also have so let’s go through these

and then we’ll go over like pricing we

also have Scott Kuhn which is like

apparently like gold man it’s hard to

come by right like floors are tough to

come by and there’s also there’s now how

many school floors three

is this the third one that’s so I

think and and and maybe mistake or maybe

they just change the foam I think only

the foam changes yes I think everything

else is the same but they have several

versions of the foam which I think it’s

really good because when other floors

are doing like two foams two layers of

foam like the traditional rot forest

this one only has one layer that you

have it’s a thicker layer that you just

carrying one right

they had scone at baldi lead World Cup

it was that I think it was that red foam

and man it was just like flopping all

over the place I think that was an older

one already I think yeah but even that I

think even though the carpet on top of

the foam it was not really glued any man

I think that was old because the new

floors are not like the I think they’re

impeccable I think it looks so cool but

that got new Speedway that needs

Speedway is really cool too

we had one at selection camp last year

and I think the feedback we got from the

athletes was really really really good

so you asked me what’s the difference

between the Speedway tree and the

International rod for package and they

have literally no idea I can tell you

it’s like almost nine thousand dollars

that’s a difference right so that floor

so the the the speed floor the Speedway

3 that was the one that we had a Lake

Placid or correct correct

right and that one had the rectangular

yards which we didn’t mention I think

cocoon also now has angular I think the

first one was circular in this plastic

cap on top of the rods to make it

alright it doesn’t make them leave any

holes which is really cool right yeah as

the rod inside and then and then a

plastic on top of the rod that is a

casserole and then there is no gaps so

everything is connected so the foam can

not really go in the middle there and

break like it could be the past with

other floors right and this the speedway

also has the directed the square the

square rods but

the International red floor rot floor

package I do not know what it is it’s

listed on the website so if you’re

curious though the website and ask you

know do you do you know if either one

which ones are a fine she certified I do

I do know which ones are I used to

define we have the acro sport we have

the Genova that is not that we don’t

have listed here we have a tie chun

floor that we don’t have listed here

which we also have a trampoline

certified with or actually the

trampolines that we use that trend

American Games last year they’re also

certified they’re not very so they

didn’t even make they didn’t even make

the cut on the list I’m sorry I’m sorry

passion we have the speedway three he’s

certified we have this cocoon is

certified and then we have an adult

fight track very certified to that we

don’t have on the list which has no

reason a cross did you say EcoSport

correct our sport is certified right yes

so you would have basically you would

have the acro sport this beat way and

thus cocoon all three from that list are

certified alright so so basically so

let’s go over pricing difference here

right so the acro sport is about twenty

three thousand dollars right for the

full set up all included lending and

run-up included right and the speedway

like we said smith the international

floor is about twenty seven thousand and

the speedway three is thirty five

thousand six hundred by far the most

expensive we don’t know what it on the

market landing information I wish they

would provide the information if I’m

gonna buy an iPhone I know exactly what

comes off and watch the specification

these websites I’m sorry but they need

to do a better job at providing this

information to the public I’m sorry

so who knows maybe they’re like coated

in like 24 karat diamonds all the way

down right down yeah like I say that we

had really good feedback off that

floor but $35,000 that’s really painful

to give I think we all right so we also

have sky for a twenty four thousand

five hundred dollars and then we have

the Ross athletic rod floor for $11,000

right okay but but but one little detail

I think that landing that landing is

just for the cover so it’s not for the

maps so you would still have those and

mats there and the mats are a little

more expensive

so on average those landing mats which a

full set up has for their about a

thousand dollars each raise I think some

places you can find them for like 800

850 exactly right so let’s just go with

the over just to you know be safe that’s

an extra four thousand dollars that’s

gonna put you at fifteen thousand six

thousand dollars but you don’t need

floor mats I think three mats is more

than enough for my plan you might can I

think I think a lot of a lot of it

depends if you’re gonna be hosting

competition right level of Corrections

right careto you know if you know a lot

of a lot of gyms might not be buying

index right they might have decking

around but if they’re gonna do

competitions right or sanctioned events

then they’re gonna have to get index

right so same thing with this go ahead

no let me just my opinion on these parts

of the landing gear so for example I

really really like the Gulf Atlantic

mats for the for the log floor so on my

setup I actually have the Gulf a landing

mats for the rock floor and then the

traditional rock for because I don’t

have the space to have a forced full

floor so but I really really like the

Gulf oil any mats it’s just it’s a set

of three for the competition they’re a

little bit longer because they’re

European size American side but I like

them I really like those landing mats I

don’t think I’ve ever been on them on

the yeah probably not yeah probably not

so let’s talk really quick about who

would buy what product so and this is

the feedback that I’ve received if

you’re going to be hosting company

I don’t think you’re gonna go you’re not

gonna be able to get a Ross athletic

it’s not f IG certified and I’m not sure

what the the rules are and the in the

u.s. if you can use that England you can

use it you can use that equipment but

but again exactly but if it’s an

invitational you can use that if you can

use that equipment you can use the ross

athletics that’s what most people use

actually but if you have elites I think

if you have a lot of elites I think

that’s probably the probably the right

the tipping point where you should start

thinking about the better floor right

what I would say so I agree and that’s

kind of what I was getting at is if you

have if you have levels I don’t know one

through eight right then I think that

that even maybe going up to level 10

right depending on your ability as a

notion then then that I think and if and

if your intentions are to do tumbling

for strength and for kind of like we

talked about in our previous episode

where we discussed doing multiple events

if it’s for the purpose of strength you

know learning understanding the

technique but you don’t have intentions

of them going elite this is the floor

for you in my opinion and it also what I

love about this floor and for what I

remember tumbling on it and just

standing on and bouncing it is soft

right so you can you’re the little kids

aren’t going to be beating themselves up

right now the acro sport which i think a

lot of the athlete athlete’s enjoy but

that’s the one we have in our club that

thing is like a rock right even just a

run on it it hurts right kind of beats

up beats up on your body but this

version this version is already better

than the previous version so there was a

lot of complaining on the previous acro

sport and then they change it to at

least anything last World Championships

2019 World Championship it’s already new

version and the feedback on that was

significantly better than what the

previous floor was yeah now you don’t

have my tumbling on your club so they

really can’t hit that thing really hard

so it’s tough it’s tough even for me

just to do hops you know

jumps down it it’s it’s tough jumping on

that rod floor feels more something

comparable to like a tumble track you

know and I feel like if you want to if

you want to teach kids to tumble without

beating up their ankles and their knees

and their backs I think that’s probably

the better way to try it out and we’ll

try soft it as Springs how I’m saying

I’m saying that the the Ross floor I’m

saying it’s it’s closer to to a tumble

track than it is to the Accra spoor that

cross sports more to like home and I

think the speed from what I heard is

also great the athletes absolutely love

it the only downside is is the price tag

right it’s so I mean it’s it’s tough and

I think this cocoon for the higher

levels and and and I think these the

reason might be because the speed has

not been used in any international

competition that I know of right so for

the higher level is the best feedback

that I heard here is about Sky Kuhn

cocoon is right now their favorite I


but acro sport was also very good but

Scott Kuhn I still I still think it’s

their favourite from what I hear yeah

and I think the least favorites probably

acro sports I think a lot of athletes

were saying that it’s it’s tough I at

least the least favorite was one that we

don’t have here on the list which is the

Ross International one which was

certified by f IG or they were pursuing

certification something like that and

used it at some domestic competitions

last year and that was not very good

that was and not there was not a good

package of course but you can still get

it if you want if you contact process ID

you can still get it it please listen on

their website but there’s no there’s no

price so I didn’t even list it because

people don’t really like it but you can

still get it if that’s what you want all

right let’s get to the exciting part of

the podcast where we are going to

announce the winner of the avera flight

giveaway contest so excited for this one

lucky athlete or coach or front teammate

is going to

this Vera flight time of flight time of

flight tool which is valued at 499

dollars so that’s a pretty generous gift

of them at the Vera flight so the way we

did it this rules were right you had to

tag two friends you had to comment your

club you had to like and follow us on

all the and subscribe on all of the

platforms and then we collected all of

those entries across all of the

platforms from their flight and

trampoline insight Instagram from both

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is well so we are going to show you guys

and do it right here on the podcast so

that we can be as transparent as

possible and it’s clear to everyone as

possible to show you guys how we pick

this winner let’s check it out perfect

yeah we have a compiled list let’s check

it out all right so here you can see we

have all of the entries and where they

came from they came from trampled

Instagram trembling inside account why

we had almost 200 we had the Instagram

vera flight we had Facebook from

Instagram and bear fight there from

YouTube from terribly to site and bear

fly so we have how many total entries

did we get I’m a total entry did you get

we get 412 nice 412 so the way that’s

gonna happen I’m gonna click this arrow

I’m going to click yes and then it’s

going to pop up who is our winner you

ready no no I am still ready drumroll




from Mexico congratulations that’s


so these will be reaching out to you

with a bear flight guys to ship this

system off to you congratulations and I

think it’s also worth mentioning for

those that really wanted the bear flight

system nuno has it I have it right

Daphne is going to have it

now you guys can also go in and purchase

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bang for your buck 499 to get a

time-of-flight system again it’s not f

IG certified for competition but it’s a

great training tool so thank you once

again to their flight for hosting this

giveaway and we’re very excited thank

you guys for everyone who participated

we hope we have more giveaways in the

future absolutely we hope we can give

away who knows maybe we’ll start giving

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I think he has has too many of them I don’t think I

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