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The FIG President has said that Trampoline’s Olympic future is at risk. We will need to become more popular, edgy, and spectator friendly. One way to make our sport more spectator friendly is for the score given to match the performance seen. Travelling away from the middle of the trampoline is given deductions by a machine during competitions, resulting in a Horizontal Displacement score.





TARGET DEDUCTION MAP (Numbers in tenths of a point)



With the current deduction map there are places where a few centimeters can make a difference of 0.2 in the score. That is too much difference for being just in, our just out, of a boundary. If it happened 3 times, two routines that look the same could be score 0.6 differently!

The other problem is that spectators often can’t see side travel.

The deduction for touching a frame pad is termination of the routine. A huge penalty. Travelling can cause many other score reductions. Hence HD is not required as a SAFETY incentive.

I propose a system which is like an archery target as seen from above. The zones are square instead of round to enable video judging, when needed. As the trampoline bed is twice as long as it is wide, the bigger deductions are taken for end travel. So the spectators will be able to see most of the travel.

Your votes and comments are appreciated…

If you like HD scoring the kept way it is…        CURRENT, your comments

If you like the proposed changes….                  TARGET, your comments

If you have a different proposal….                  OTHER, your suggestion with rationale