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Custom Trampoline Parts and Accessories

Rebound Products not only makes and sells a wide Variety of Trampoline and accessories.

Rebound Products offers a number of customizations and accessories to go along with your standard trampoline or custom trampoline.

In order to best help you with you standard or custom trampolines these are some of the questions we will need to know in order to get you the correct product for the right application.

What we need from you in order to help with your customization are the following

What size of area do you have?

What size of trampoline are you proposing?

What is the ceiling height of the facility?

Are the trampolines above or below ground?

If below ground are these prefabricated concrete pits? What are the dimensions?

Are you building decking around the trampoline if above ground?

If you require just a new bed and springs, we would need to know the following-

  1. Inside dimensions of the current frame from spring hook to spring hook? (Length and width)
  2. What size are the springs in resting state? 8-9 or 10”?
  3. What are the springs stretched to when on the bed and frame?
  4. How many springs connection points on the bed?
  5. Do you use corner springs or just trampoline springs?

Rebound Products offers a number of trampoline accessories from frame padding, throw mats and new springs. We also offer many trampolines replacement parts.

Turnbuckles for folding trampolines and DMT’s

Roller stands- wheels, hooks all parts

Any accessory or part to replace on a Euro trampoline product. Bungees, springs, ect

There are a variety of accessories not listed on the website but are available. Just because its not there does not mean we do not carry it.

All you need to do is ask, or send a picture and say hey looking for this?

If we don’t have it, we point you in the direction to find out where to get it.

Chat with the sales representative now!

Looking for more information?

Contact us below to place an order, learn more about our products, or to get a quote.

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