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Rebound Frame Pad Lifters


This Product Is Made In Canada

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Rebound Products Exclusive

10% performance boost.
Lasts 50x longer.

Frame pad lifting devices are designed to suspend frame pads slightly above the springs to reduce the interaction of the frame pads with both the bed and the springs. Without pad lifters, or with worn pad lifters, your frame pads will flop up and down and take some bounce out of your trampoline.
All prior products which allow the frame pads to depress well into the springs for safety, have had a limited lifetime.
Finally Rebound Products has done it. We have produced the first and currently the only long lasting frame pad lifter! Amazing.
Additionally, a Rebound pad lifter does not straddle a spring so its end will not get caught in the springs.
If you want your frame pads not to flop, year after year, choose Rebound frame pad lifters.


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Frame Pad Lifters

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