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trampoline bed – Acon 7 x 14 String

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Rebound Products Exclusive

The most important part of a trampoline affecting its performance is the bed. Rebound Products has strived with constant development to make the best trampoline beds since 1980. Our focus has been to produce what Club owners want, a long-lasting product with competitive performance and superior stability.
Rebound Products has now made a string bed to give your backyard trampoline that extra performance you have been looking for.
This bed will fit the Acon Air 16 frames as well as the Alleyoop frames. Giving the athlete the competitive style bounce you have been looking for.
The Bed is 7×14 string with the FIG markings and is Listed at $2100.00 CAD bed only
Bed 7×14 String bed and 104 Springs Combo is $2685.00 CAD


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