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Trampolining Is Fun and a Great Way to Exercise

Trampolines are useful exercise tools because they allow you to bounce off the ground without having to worry about falling down or hurting yourself. They also provide a fun way to get fit.

There are two main types of trampolines: springboard and rebound. Springboards are designed to give you a boost into the air, whereas rebound trampolines are designed to launch you back onto the mat after jumping. Both types are suitable for fitness training.

Safety First

  • It’s important to always wear protective gear when using a trampoline. This may include helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and shin guards.
  • Always make sure there is enough space between you and the edge of the trampoline so that if you fall, you won’t hit anything.
  • Never jump alone. Always have at least one other person nearby who will help you if you fall.

Exercise More Than Your Body

Research shows that physical activity has many benefits beyond fitness. For instance, studies show that regular exercise reduces stress levels, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, and helps prevent diabetes. As well, it turns out that jumping off a springy surface is actually good for your brain.

A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that people who bounce around on trampolines perform better on tests of memory, attention, and problem solving than those who jump on a flat floor. And this isn’t some fluke. A number of studies have shown that bouncing improves cognitive function in older adults.

One study showed that seniors who bounced three times per week improved their ability to remember words by 20 percent compared to those who didn’t exercise. Another study found that seniors who jumped four times per week performed significantly better on tests of verbal fluency than those who did nothing.

Fun for the Whole Family

Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults love them too. There are plenty of things to do on a trampoline for everyone in the family—whether you want to play games or bounce around, there’s something for everyone. Since trampolines can be found indoors as well, you won’t need to worry about the weather.

Who Enjoys Bouncing?

Athletes already know that exercise is important for health and performance. But did you know that trampoline jumping is actually good for your heart? Studies show that jumping on a trampoline can improve cardiovascular function, increase muscle strength, and reduce cholesterol. Plus, it burns calories faster than running or biking.

A Lifelong Passion

Dave Ross, Owner of Rebound Products and Olympic-level trampoline coach, knows this well. In fact, Rebound Products was born out of a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals and continuing to set new standards for trampolines and equipment regarding safety and performance. Ross pioneered the 4-corner bungee system and was the first athlete to do a 10-triple routine.

Trampolines and trampoline equipment from Rebound Products are used in professional gyms and training sites for a variety of sports, including trampoline, diving, and snowboarding. Rebound Products’ Dave Ross and his team have spent years researching, designing, and testing trampoline equipment in search of improvements in performance, safety, quality, and durability.

Dave Ross enjoys trampolining with a fellow enthusiast

Rebound Products Trampolines & Equipment

Rebound Products manufactures and sells world-class trampolines and trampoline equipment. Coaches and competitors at the highest levels of international competition, as well as professional entertainers, use our products (e.g., Cirque du Soleil and several cruise lines). Rebound Products manufactures its own equipment and is a dealer for the German brand Eurotramp.

We manufacture folding and non-folding trampolines, 2-string trampoline beds, trampoline springs, tapered trampoline frame pads, double mini-tramps, mini-tramps, tumbling tracks, and a variety of other products. For more information, please see our trampolines page.