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Rebound Products Exclusive

Get ready to jump for joy with the Rebound Products 7×14 non-folding trampoline! Proudly made in Canada, this trampoline is a game-changer. It boasts the bounce of a competition trampoline while having the same inner dimensions and leg style as a folding trampoline. And the best part? It’s the only non-fold frame that can do this.

With only four points of contact with the floor, adjusting the level of this trampoline is a breeze. And thanks to the larger oval tubing in the top frame and the absence of hinges and chains, this frame is extra sturdy. It’s designed for in-ground use at permanent gyms, which is why the corners are square. Plus, the tapered frame pads on the sides are a whopping 3” thick.

Say goodbye to the annoying problems that come with other trampolines. With the Rebound Products 7×14 non-fold trampoline, you won’t have to worry about your trampoline walking around the gym. And you certainly won’t have to pull out the legs every time someone lands at the end of the frame. And those floor protectors that always seem to slide on a slippery floor? Not a problem here!

Each frame features 16 solid, adjustable braces, ensuring that club owners and coaches can rely on Rebound Products trampolines to last for years. And when you add our great string beds, springs, and custom frame pads, you’ll get killer performance and durability at a great price.

So why settle for a subpar trampoline when you can have the best? Order your Rebound Products 7×14 non-folding trampoline today and experience the difference for yourself.


Dillon Vance – Acrobat / Trampolinist

Dillon is an artist dedicated to living his life on the edge as a self-described daredevil acro-spartan. His quest to become an acrobat evolved from a childhood spent hurtling down Colorado mountains on a unicycle or climbing up them with ice axes, later becoming an accomplished competitive diver and National Age-Group Champion in trampoline gymnastics.

His passion for the circus arts first began after watching a Cirque du Soleil video of Quidam in 5th grade gym class. Since then, it has become his driving force and dedication to challenge the laws of physics and exceed his own physical limits every day. Pursuing his craft has taken him from Johannesburg to the Caribbean, from New York to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, working for Royal Caribbean, Le Grande Cirque, Cirque Mechanics, and Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson One” and “Beatles Love”. Most importantly, wherever his work takes him, Dillon lives his life the way he performs, stretching the boundaries of his mind and body, finding extraordinary ways to take his art to new creative levels, and, in doing so, inspiring his audience to remember what it’s like to live a life with limitless possibility.