7 x 14 String

7 x 14 String


This Product Is Made In Canada

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The most important part of a trampoline affecting its performance is the bed. Rebound Products has been constantly doing design, research and testing to make the best trampoline beds since 1980. Our focus has been to produce what Club owners want, a long lasting product with competitive performance and superior stability.

The search started with a long term comparison between an Australian 2 string bed and a Nissen 6mm bed. The conclusion was that holding webbing together with stitching is an obsolete technology, as the lengthwise stitching tears the widthwise webbing! This spawned a 7 yearlong research project to get the best bounce from a string bed without straying too far from the performance of the webbed beds of that era. The result gave Rebound the top performing bed for 20 years, with only minor upgrades. However, after Rebound supplied Worlds 2007, the web bed manufacturers had to listen to the athletes and produce something better than the 4/6mm beds of that time. This resulted in new 4/5mm and 4/4mm webbed beds which were more powerful, but less stable than the old 4/6mm, with even lower lifetimes. After 2 years of extensive research, and with testing by top athletes, Rebound Products brought out its current 7 x14 competition bed. This bed has been developed to have a similar power and feel of current 4mm webbed competition beds, while retaining the superior lifetime and stability. This was introduced in January of 2016 and by March of that year the paint job was changed to the new 2017 standard.

Our 7 x 14 string beds are available in two different sizes; for 118 springs to match Eurotramp sized frames, or for 112 springs to match the narrower and longer Nissen sized frames.


7×14 – 2 string (Euro or Nissen size) $2500.00 CAD