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Leveling Your Trampoline

Learn how to make height adjustments

1) Set up the trampoline in the position where it will be most regularly used. If it will be folded regularly and set in different positions, set up on a level floor.

2) Measure the distance from the floor to the middle of the spring attachment points on the midsection nearest the hinges, near each of the hinges. This should be 116cm or 45.6”. Alternately if the floor is not level measure the bed in the central area, to make the central area level. Adjustments to the height of the ends of the midsections are made by adjusting the position of the chain clamps. The first step, if a particular point needs adjusting, is to loosen the two bolts which tighten the chain clamp to the rectangular bar on the midsection.

Then a fine adjustment may be made by turning the large bolt which goes through the chain clamp. A socket wrench makes this adjustment faster. If loosening a chain, pull out the leg before final measurement. When adjustments are finished, remember to tighten the bolts onto the rectangular bar, to ensure the clamp stays in position. Note that adjusting one corner affects the two adjacent corners slightly.

3)Adjust the height in the corners of the trampoline by changing the length of the leg braces using the set screws. First adjust the outer leg braces then tighten the inner (angled) leg braces, when the corners are at the correct height or the trampoline is level. This step must only be started after step 2 is completed.

7x14 folding - shows folding process