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Trampoline Mats: The Key to Safety and Durability

When it comes to trampolines and trampoline equipment, Rebound Products is the name to trust. As a world-renowned manufacturer and authorized dealer, they have been supplying high-quality trampolines, springs, accessories, beds, and mats for decades. Their commitment to safety, quality, and constant innovation has earned them credibility and longevity in Canada, the U.S., and worldwide.…

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TRAMPOLINE – An Olympic Sport in Crisis

Trampoline Gymnastics Tokyo 2020

Trampoline is the newest and lowest medal count discipline currently under the FIG. Other sports, like parkour, would love to move into the Olympic tent. Translation – Trampoline is at risk. Hence, it is imperative that we attract spectator interest. We need to change our competition format. Perhaps man-against-man finals and ties broken by additional…

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