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Experience the Stable Platform of Rebound Products’ Power Track – a Tumble Track Trampoline

amazing trampoline beds

At Rebound Products, we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions that enhance your bouncing and tumbling experience. Our exclusive offering, the Power Track, is a game-changer in the world of trampolines and tumbling equipment. The Power Track frame is designed to provide a stable platform for our amazing beds and springs. Engineered with precision and…

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TRAMPOLINE – An Olympic Sport in Crisis

Trampoline Gymnastics Tokyo 2020

Trampoline is the newest and lowest medal count discipline currently under the FIG. Other sports, like parkour, would love to move into the Olympic tent. Translation – Trampoline is at risk. Hence, it is imperative that we attract spectator interest. We need to change our competition format. Perhaps man-against-man finals and ties broken by additional…

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Upgrade Your Bounce: Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Trampoline Experience with Rebound Products’ High-Quality Parts and Accessories

Trampolines are a source of exhilaration, exercise, and endless smiles. If you’re a gym owner, athlete, or trampoline enthusiast, you know that the key to a great bouncing experience lies in having the right trampolines. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of trampolines and high-quality trampoline parts. The Mechanics of Trampolines Before we…

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Our Customers Say It Best!

Rebound Products

Rebound Products is a company that provides high-quality trampolines and accessories to a global market. We have garnered a multitude of global 5-star reviews, with customers praising both the company itself and its exceptional products. The positive feedback highlights the outstanding customer service, quick response times, and attention to detail that Rebound Products consistently offers.…

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The Evolution of Our String Beds

The most important part of professional trampolines affecting their performance is the bed. With over 44 years of accumulated research and testing, Dave Ross has engineered the stable and powerful bounce of the beds that your competitors desire. The Dave Ross string bed has an unrivalled bouncing surface. You will realise the improved options for…

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Why Choose Rebound Products?

Based in Ontario, Canada, Rebound Products is an authorized trampoline and trampoline equipment dealer. For the international market, we manufacture and supply complete trampoline units, springs, accessories, beds, and mats. As a result, our dedication to safety, quality, and continuous improvement has helped us establish credibility and longevity in Canada, the United States, and around…

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Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)


You may remember when Rebound Products introduced its own folding frame and the many benefits that it offered. If you need a reminder, here is the announcement… Note that, at the end of the announcement, we promised to introduce a sturdier, non-folding DMT frame and said that it was “coming soon.” Well, the wait is…

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Trampolining Is Fun and a Great Way to Exercise

Dave Ross

Trampolines are useful exercise tools because they allow you to bounce off the ground without having to worry about falling down or hurting yourself. They also provide a fun way to get fit. There are two main types of trampolines: springboard and rebound. Springboards are designed to give you a boost into the air, whereas…

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Important Parts of a Trampoline That Help a Gymnast

All aspiring gymnasts are looking for ways to boost their skills, and what better way to do that than knowing all there is to know about trampolines? Trampolining is one of the most effective acrobat training tools with health benefits available. So, let’s look at all the essential trampoline parts that help gymnasts improve their…

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This is Rebound Products

Backgrounder Rebound Products Toll Free : (877) 573-2686 Phone: (905) 787-9090 Fax: (905) 787-0650 Email: Mailing Address: Rebound Products Inc. 19 Kings College Rd. Thornhill, ON L3T 5R7 Canada Shipping Address: Rebound Products Inc. 565 Edward Ave Unit 6&7 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9W8 Canada Product/Services Rebound Products is an authorized trampoline and trampoline…

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