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Exploring Rebound End Deck Frames: Elevating Trampoline Safety and Performance


When it comes to trampolines, safety and quality are non-negotiable. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a gymnastics enthusiast, or a recreational jumper, having the right equipment ensures a thrilling and secure experience. Let’s explore end deck frames, specifically focusing on the exceptional offerings from Rebound Products. What Are End Deck Frames? An end deck frame…

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Experience the Stable Platform of Rebound Products’ Power Track – a Tumble Track Trampoline

amazing trampoline beds

At Rebound Products, we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions that enhance your bouncing and tumbling experience. Our exclusive offering, the Power Track, is a game-changer in the world of trampolines and tumbling equipment. The Power Track frame is designed to provide a stable platform for our amazing beds and springs. Engineered with precision and…

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Trampoline Mats: The Key to Safety and Durability

When it comes to trampolines and trampoline equipment, Rebound Products is the name to trust. As a world-renowned manufacturer and authorized dealer, they have been supplying high-quality trampolines, springs, accessories, beds, and mats for decades. Their commitment to safety, quality, and constant innovation has earned them credibility and longevity in Canada, the U.S., and worldwide.…

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TRAMPOLINE – An Olympic Sport in Crisis

Trampoline Gymnastics Tokyo 2020

Trampoline is the newest and lowest medal count discipline currently under the FIG. Other sports, like parkour, would love to move into the Olympic tent. Translation – Trampoline is at risk. Hence, it is imperative that we attract spectator interest. We need to change our competition format. Perhaps man-against-man finals and ties broken by additional…

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Upgrade Your Bounce: Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Trampoline Experience with Rebound Products’ High-Quality Parts and Accessories

Trampolines are a source of exhilaration, exercise, and endless smiles. If you’re a gym owner, athlete, or trampoline enthusiast, you know that the key to a great bouncing experience lies in having the right trampolines. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of trampolines and high-quality trampoline parts. The Mechanics of Trampolines Before we…

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Rebound Products Exclusive

Dillon Vance – Acrobat -Trampolinist

Get ready to jump for joy with the Rebound Products 7×14 non-folding trampoline! Proudly made in Canada, this trampoline is a game-changer. It boasts the bounce of a competition trampoline while having the same inner dimensions and leg style as a folding trampoline. And the best part? It’s the only non-fold frame that can do…

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Our Customers Say It Best!

Rebound Products

Rebound Products is a company that provides high-quality trampolines and accessories to a global market. We have garnered a multitude of global 5-star reviews, with customers praising both the company itself and its exceptional products. The positive feedback highlights the outstanding customer service, quick response times, and attention to detail that Rebound Products consistently offers.…

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Rebound Products Trampolines: Known by Athletes the World Over for High Quality and Excellent Customer Service

Rebound Products has been a leader in the trampoline industry for over Thirty years. Their products are made from high-quality materials and designed to keep up with the latest trends and technology. Rebound Products is committed to providing excellent customer service and is known for supplying superior quality trampolines that help improve athletes’ skills and…

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Super-Tramp Trampolines

Super-Tramp-outdoors-Max-H-2012-600x441 (6)

Rebound Products’ Super-Tramp trampoline is a great option for athletes, gymnasts, and anyone looking to improve their acrobatic or snowboarding abilities. In this blog post, we will talk about the Super-Tramp trampoline and highlight its key features, advantages, and benefits. One of the most significant advantages of the Super-Tramp trampoline is its sturdy and durable…

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Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)


You may remember when Rebound Products introduced its own folding frame and the many benefits that it offered. If you need a reminder, here is the announcement… Note that, at the end of the announcement, we promised to introduce a sturdier, non-folding DMT frame and said that it was “coming soon.” Well, the wait is…

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